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27.01.2024 17:28
Due diligence services Antworten

Due diligence is an investigation of a company that is usually used before concluding an agreement or starting new business co-operation. Due diligence involves a check of good standing of the company, evaluation of planned earnings and cash flows assessing quality of assets, identifying business risks, highlighting any unexpected issues that might affect execution of agreement, identifying hidden costs, commitments and contingencies, verifying and estimating potential tax exposures and other checks based on case-to-case basis. Due diligence helps to evaluate the fact whether you can trust your business partner through reliability check of new or current business partner in the result providing higher level of security.

Purpose of due diligence
The overall objective of due diligence procedure is to check the business partner and draw attention to possible problems or risks. Several types of due diligence exist and the checks depend on each transaction.

Property check
Before purchase of real estate - a property check should be done. It involves an intensive study of public registry, namely, if the property is registered correctly, if the owner actually has rights to sell the property or if the property is linked with any other properties. In addition, it implies identification of burden liabilities and any ongoing proceedings involving the property. If the property is rented out or registered any other rights for third persons, encumbrances and other registered restrictions, insolvency proceedings or tax debts, the property check must be done. Due diligence also covers revision of proposed purchase agreement and identification of risks that might affect the completion of the agreement, for example, if the property is rented out then the rent agreement must be taken into consideration.

Reliability check
In case of concluding business agreement between two companies, regarding prospective co-operation, the due diligence process would include such topics as: company records at the Company registry approving company name, legal address, officials and shareholders, Value Add Tax registry (VAT public registry), checking VAT tax payer status. Company’s financial stability can be checked at the Insolvency registry, to see if company has or ever had financial problems such as insolvency, temporary suspension of commercial activities, tax debts.

Mergers and acquisitions
In case of company acquisition, prior to concluding a share purchase agreement it would be important to assess the financial situation of target company, evaluating such factors as: earnings and cash flow quality, analysis of a quality of assets and liabilities. It is essential to evaluate a quantity and quality of personnel, identifyi the owned property and investigate if no pending issues or proceedings related to company property exist; checking public registries if no commercial pledges, encumbrances, and court proceedings are ongoing and might affect the company assets in future.

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